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Breast Pumping Lotion

Breast Pumping Lotion
Breast Pumping Lotion
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For Years, women have viewed breast as a confidence booster and form of seduction. It is one of the main physical attributes that creates the devolopment and definition of a woman’s physique. Alternatively woman who lack fatty tissue in the chest area have resorted to surgical procedures with implants. These procedures are expensive and need extended recovery time. There is now a safer and more cost effective option for women looking to lift and add volume to their breast.

> PureLeef Breast Plumping Lotion is a natural curve enhancing boost that actively promotes volume to enhance the shape and curve of the breasts.

> Formulated with remarkable plant extracts that stimulate the proliferation of adipocytes, it helps promote the storage of lipids, resulting in a breast Plumping effect.

> This unique approach to plumping, helps enhance the volume of the fatty tissue of the breasts, leading to a more voluptuous, sensual and desirable Breast.

    *PLEASE NOTE: Our body plumping cream contains Nut ingredients. Skin testing should be done with all products to prevent allergies.

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