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Slimming Wrap

£14.99 GBP

HOW TO USE: Apply cream around your waist after shower ,Massage it in circular motion, then apply osmosis wrap for maximum absorption. 

Maximize your workouts and your waist training regimen with this high-quality body wrap from Ann Chery. Simply wrap it around your preferred target area during exercise and the wrap does the rest. The Slim Body Wrap can be worn around the waist, arms or even your buttocks for instant, lightweight slimming underneath a waist trainer or other workout gear. But the real power is in the thermal effect. By wearing the body wrap while you work out, you'll stimulate thermal activity under the skin, causing you to sweat more with minimal effort. The more you use your body wrap, the more you'll know your exercise is working.The Slim Body Wrap is recommended for use with your favorite slimming cream and shapewear garments, such as a waist trainer. It's antiallergenic and provides a protective layer between the cream and your waist trainer, preventing it from getting dirty. For best results, we recommend wearing the body wrap every time you work out, but for no more than 1.5 hours at a time. 


  • Maximizes your workouts
  • Stimulates thermal activity and boosts perspiration
  • Wraps snugly around your waist, arms or bottom
  • Slims and smooths your silhouette while you exercise
  • Perfect for use with slimming creams
  • Protects your waist trainer from getting dirty from slimming creams


  • Lightweight smoothing underneath waist trainers or workout clothes
  • Use on different parts of the body, such as waist, arms or buttocks
  • Thermal effect increases body heat and perspiration
  • Antiallergenic
  • Thermal effect
  • Recommended for use with slimming creams and shapewear garments

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